Rewinding, Replanting and Rethinking Our Land: Why is Land Restoration Important?

Every year on June 5th,the world comes together to celebrate World Environment Day, and this year the focus is three crucial environmental issues- Land Restoration,Desertification and Drought Resilience. I know the theme might sound like a mouthful, but the message is simple; Our planet needs some TLC[tender loving care].

So Why is Land Restoration Important to You and Me?

Think of land as the foundation of our entire ecosystem.It provides us with food,clean water, regulates our climate and is home to incredible biodiversity. But here’s the not-so-great news; due to things like climate change, pollution and unsustainable practices, a lot of that land is degrading. This leads to “desertification” , a fancy word for turning fertile land into desert, and more frequent drought.Scary stuff, right?

Nevertheless, there’s Hope!

The good news is that WE can turn things around. World Environment Day is all about promoting the idea of Generation Restoration. This means getting everyone involved; from individuals, organizations, communities and even the government in healing our wounded lands.

I Know You Will Be Asking,How Can We Be Generation Restoration?

There are a lot of things we can do, but I’ll highlight a few we can all do:

  • Support Sustainable Practices: look for products that are environmentally friendly like local and organic food, reusable products.
  • Plant Power: we all know how important trees are to our ecosystem and environment. You can plant trees or support organizations that focus on reforestation efforts.
  • Be Water Wise: every drop of water counts! Be mindful of your water usage and explore ways to conserve.
  • Spread the Word: the more people that know about these triple challenges, the more voices we have calling for change and we can do this by creating awareness, starting a movement that drives for environmental sustainability, talk to your friends and family, share information about these issues on social media!

So on this World’s Environment Day, let’s pledge to be a generation of restoration, by taking action big or small, so that we can ensure a healthy environment and planet for ourselves and the future generations.

By Anita Abah

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  1. The message here is simple and straightforward, but then it’s also powerful, crucial and urgent. We should dogged in our effort to reclaim the land and protect the planet.

    Just to add, it’s high time we started practicing waste separation in Nigeria. We should also be more intentional about recycling. Theoretically, nothing is actually a waste, every waste can be recycled!

    Thank you for this message and reminder!

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