Reflecting and Recharging: Our Annual Retreat

The need for training and retraining cannot be overemphasized, particularly in today’s fast-changing world. The constant evolution of weather patterns, the working environment, and the way people respond to environmental problems provides little room for us, the development practitioners, to fall short in adapting to the changes. As a result, we began the year with an organised yet enjoyable time to reflect on our previous year’s work and recharge for a productive year ahead in our steadfast commitment to empowering individuals, communities and nations for resilience.

The retreat was an intensive and engaging workshop where our staff and volunteers reconnected with the vision and mission of the Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation (GIFSEP). It was a time to identify and harness individual skills, strengths and potentials to realise the organizational goals for the year. 

As we enter a new phase of growth, we remain a beacon of hope and action in environmental stewardship and sustainable development, both locally and globally. We are committed to mobilizing communities, fostering resilience to climate change, and championing the conservation and protection of our precious ecosystems.

As we proceed in the year, our staff and volunteers are, more than ever before, energized and ready to amplify our impact through transformative projects. Over the years, our initiatives have reached over 500 communities across 14 states within Nigeria and beyond. We remain dedicated to sustaining and scaling these efforts, continually innovating, and expanding into new communities to effect positive changes that build resilience.

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