GIFSEP launches Home Gardening and Trees for Home initiative to address Food Insecurity.

Alarmed by a potential rise in food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic, which could push millions of people into acute hunger, we must therefore collectively act now not just with our brains but with our hands to mitigate the impact of food shortages and hunger. It is against this backdrop that GIFSEP is introducing Home Gardening and Trees for Home initiative.

This initiative is aimed at creating a healthier, more food and a secure environment for all. The impact that homestead gardening can have for food security in communities is significant. The idea is to supplement household nutrition with a diversity of vegetables and plants during this period and post COVID19. Homestead gardening is a short and long term intervention to boast food and vegetable production in communities and households.

The gardens are made using permaculture guild theory. Permaculture gardening means “permanent agriculture” and it is defined as working with natural forces—the wind, the sun, and water—to provide food, shelter, water, and everything else your garden needs besides plants and seeds. And the best part is that it’s all done with the least amount of labor and without destroying the land. Simply put, Permaculture gardening is a holistic approach to gardening. First, decide how big your garden will be based upon the space you have available for planting. They usually recommend a combination of medicinal plants and herbs as base and then grow vegetables and legumes. Eg pumpkin, spinach, bitter leaf, curry, water leaf, jute leaves, clove, eggplant, okra, tomatoes, pepper among others

The Trees for Home involve the planting of fruit and indigenous trees in the home depending on the available space. The benefits include the following;

  1. Provides us with Fruits, nuts and Medicines
  2. Provides shade and cooling
  3. Biodiversity conservation  and Climate Resilience
  4. Give us clean Air and Healthy Environment
  5. Increase Carbon Sequestration

Examples of some of the Trees include, moringa, citrus, mango, pear, coconut, guava, pawpaw etc

GIFSEP will offer weekly online trainings for volunteers, individuals and community educators who will aid the households with space in establishing, planting and maintaining their gardens and trees.

The best time to establish a garden and plant a tree in your home was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

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  1. This is quite impressive. Well done GIFSEP. I wish to become a member of this great team.

  2. This is Avery good initiative which regions do you cover or is it for rural urban, urban or even in rural areas thanks
    What costs are associated with the trainings