Climate change has become one of the most discussed topics in the past few years, but over 75% of the people do not have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what climate change entails. We all and especially the younger generation need to have an understanding of what climate change is and the right actions to take towards it.  To this effect GIFESP with support from the GEF Small Grants Program Nigeria launched the first edition of her book titled ‘Understanding Climate Change (A Guide for Secondary Schools)’ on the 25th November 2021 at Government Science Technical College, Area 3, Garki Abuja.

Book Presentation

Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation – GIFSEP is a non-profit organization founded on the ideals of Environmental Education, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Renewable Energy and sustainable development. GIFSEP was established in recognition of the tremendous environmental challenges and the ever-increasing threats arising from the impacts of climate change.

The book ‘Understanding Climate Change’ was written for our youth to understand the cause and effect, as well as the science of Climate change. This was important because of the population dynamics of Nigeria which consist of largely young people. This book will equip young people to make informed decisions and take actions that addresses and promote environmental conservation. Also, to raise Environmental Champions from secondary school level, who will understand the critical environment issues early enough and be empowered to take effective decisions accordingly. The book was reviewed by the IFAD-CASP climate change specialist, Mr Richard Nzekwe then unveiled by the National Coordinator of GEF Small Grants Program, Ibironke Olubamise (Mrs.). Remarks were made from representatives of Secondary Education Board (SEB), National Orientation Agency (NOA), amongst others.

By Dorcas Nicanor

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  1. Alot have been hidden in the book unveiled by gifsep. Let’s try to read and take action. It is timely released for all of us living in this mother Earth…to look at the “harm” done to her. What can I do? What can you do?.