Solar Savior: GIFSEP  Earns Recognition for Promoting Renewable Energy Solutions

At GIFSEP, we are thrilled to share that we have been honored with the prestigious AFRIKAVUKA Awards 2024 as “Solar Savior” by 350Africa. This recognition highlights our commitment to promoting sustainable and renewable energy in Nigeria, especially among underserved communities. 

GIFSEP has long been a champion for solar power, recognizing its immense potential to address the energy needs of our nation.  We have undertaken various initiatives to make solar power more accessible such as conducting training sessions on solar system installation and maintenance in communities like Owukpa in Benue State and IDP camps in Borno State. 

The award serves as a springboard for us to continue advocating for renewable energy adoption and taking on projects that alleviate energy poverty in communities and across the country in a sustainable manner. It signifies a boost in motivation for our dedicated team to create greater impacts. More individuals and communities will benefit from renewable energy, opening up additional partnership opportunities to promote global adoption of renewable energy for a sustainable world.

Together, we can make it happen!

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