Feeling the Climate Blues? You’re Not Alone. Here’s How to Deal It

Feeling overwhelmed by all the bad news about the planet and the environment? You’re not alone. This thing called Ecoanxiety is a real struggle for many of us and we don’t even know it.It’s basically worry and fear about the state of the environment, and with everything going on, it’s no wonder we’re feeling it.

What’s the Deal with Eco- Anxiety?

Ecoanxiety can show up in all sorts of ways. Maybe you can’t stop thinking about land degradation,air and water pollution and deforestation or you feel super stressed about the future.  Some folks even have trouble sleeping or lose interest in things they used to love. Young people, especially, can feel the weight of the environment changing and it can be overwhelming.

It’s More Than Just News Hype;

It’s not just about the depressing headlines, though. We’re so disconnected from nature these days, and that constant stream of negativity can make us feel like strangers in our own world.  No wonder it freaks us out!

Nature:Our Secret Weapon;

Here’s the good news: nature, the very thing giving us anxiety, can also be the cure. Spending time outdoors, doing a gardening activity or planting trees,as it is scientifically proven to calm one’s EcoNerve and lift your mood.

Nature Hacks for Calming Your Eco-Nerves:

Find your green space: Parks, forests, beaches – anywhere that gets you outdoors works!

Be present: Disconnect from your phone and soak up the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.

Slow down: Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

Get involved: Volunteer for a local environmental cause. Taking action can make a big difference (and feel good!).

Turning Worry into Action!

Ecoanxiety shouldn’t just be about feeling bummed.  Let’s use this energy to make a change!

Learn the lingo: Get informed about environmental issues and the solutions people are working on.

Be a green champion: Make small changes in your daily life to reduce your impact on the planet. Bonus points for inspiring your friends and fam to do the same!

Support the good guys: Choose companies that care about the environment. Your wallet can make a difference!

Speak up: Let your voice be heard! Support sustainable policies and hold leaders accountable.

We’re Here for You and the Environment!

At GIFSEP, we get it. Through the African Activists for Climate Justice (AACJ) project, we’re about supporting communities affected by climate change to scale up indigenous solutions and ensure that vulnerable groups gain access to key decision making processes. We offer policy suggestions and shape policies that truly benefit our communities and environment. 

We believe that together, we can make a real difference.  Join the conversation, take action, and let’s turn Ecoanxiety into a force for good!

By Anita Abah