Over the past several months in Nigeria, there has been series of campaigns by politicians, civil societies and members of society for various interests in the forthcoming general elections.

As the 2023 general elections draws nearer and the end of the stipulated time for permanent voters card (PVC) collection draws to a close. Citizens are advised to ensure that they come out to vote and ensure that their votes count. The right and duty to vote does not only involve voting during elections but also ensuring that the elected officials are held accountable for their policies and actions for which they were voted for. It is not enough to have amazing manifestos and track records but how all of those will translate to actions that will improve the lives of Nigerians.

We should all learn from our dedication and hope for a better Nigeria and ensure we get the country we want and deserve by insisting on good governance and being law abiding citizens ourselves, so as to have a nation that we will all be proud of, that is safe for our children and future generations.

We should not waver in the fight for a better Nigeria just because the elections are over, instead we should ensure that we hold our leaders and followers accountable for their actions and responsibilities. Regardless of who emerges as the president or members of parliament, our tasks as Nigerians will always continue.

“To uphold her honor and glory”, the best way to do this is to play our parts and ensure that those in political office or even other Nigerians play their roles in creating the Nigeria that we want and deserve. Nigeria is our country and we should treat it with patriotism and respect.

The campaign for climate has just begun. We need to ensure that the campaign continues and we keep advocating for climate best practices.

By Farydah Ahmed