Climate Change and Africa’s Agricultural Soils

The term climate change is a global phenomenon today because it affects everyone. However climate change impacts are more severe on some continents than others.

In retrospect, climate change or global warming as many will understand it; is simply causes by the emission of greenhouse gases. Over the years, the continent of Europe, North America and Asia have been the chief emitters of greenhouses gases. These gases were emitted as a result of industrialization and developmental projects.

Although Sub Saharan Africa has contributed the least to the overall greenhouse gas emissions globally, the continent is the hardest hit with the impact of climate change. In context, Africa has a population of about 1.2billion people of which close to 70% rely on agriculture for their livelihood. Interestingly, Africa has a land cover of 3 billion Hectares and an estimated 20,000 hectares is loss annually to desertification.

Africa’s Land degradation in comparison with the rest of the world

In light of the above, the African Union in 2007 established the Great Green Wall initiative to combat the rising scourge of desertification in Africa. However, after a decade only 15% of 8,000 Km wall have been completed.

The Great Green Wall Ambition

The livelihood of millions of African depend on this great project, therefore we must expedite the completion of this laudable project.

Also, in preparation for the Conference of Parties (COP) 25, Africa must negotiate for the enforcement of loss and damage under the Paris Agreement with respect to desertification. Securing partnership for the Great Green Wall Project is critical at this time, while monitoring and evaluation of funds should also be a priority.

Africa is rising.

By Ibrahim Joseph.